DDLEGO 熱門音樂演唱會

-- 這次終於團員出現囉!原來是Star Wars 裡的外星人





Do you have Lego? Yes, I have a lot and I love it. Here is the reason why.



Lego is from Denmark. The word Lego is meaning play well. I like Lego because it is cool. My favourite series are Power Miner, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Lego Agents. Lego has many characters such as droids, giant rock monster and henchman. I read the instruction to build Lego all by myself. Lego has big and small vehicles to use. In Agent story, some of the characters’ names are Chase, Fuse, Charge and Trace. Dr Inferno is the bad guy. Lego also has designed the weapons to shoot things. In Lego Agents’ story, the agents have to hideout for a secret place from the bad guys. They are on a secret mission to snatch Dr Inferno’s evil plans. In Dr. Inferno’s Volcano base, Firearm, Slime Face, Dollar Bill and Magnum Commander are working for him. All those are his henchmen. Dr Inferno use a robot monster called Robo Attack to take over the city and the Agents have to stop him or he will destroy everything.



In Power Miner, the team members like Doc, Brain, Duke and Rex are in the underground earth looking for crystals and the enemies are the rock monsters which they eat crystals for power. So the miners have to get the crystals first and fight the monster to save the earth. The Power Miner has a powerful vehicle called the Titanium, it can capture small monsters and it can attack giant rock monster.  



Lego Star War has the army of clones and droids. The clones use spaceships and tanks to attack droids. The clones have a base on a planet with a lot of fighters to battle the evil droid army.



Lego can make everything. I like to use my Lego parts to design something new and different. I have already built a rock concert and a pirate ship. I enjoy mixing all the parts and create a new world. For me, Lego is the best toy forever. I wish that one day I can visit the Lego land or become a Lego designer.


後記:這篇講稿是DD自己構思寫成初稿,我再和他一起逐字逐句修改而成。老師說DD演講當天表現很棒,音量手勢都做得很好,所以特別給他20 House PointsDD可是對他那組貢獻不小呢!

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  • Emma
  • Dr. Inferno真的有火燄? 造型怎麼用Lego表現呀?
  • 衣服上有火燄呀!


    胖劉媽 於 2009/08/13 17:06 回覆

  • voyagefeb
  • 果然團員很外星人 -- 比起觀眾, 每個人都瘦高竹竿似的 (我還特別研究了眼睛, hahaha)

    20 house points!! DD, 你為你的House加好多分耶! two thumbs up!!

  • DD可是找了好久才買到這組Lego,


    胖劉媽 於 2009/08/13 17:08 回覆

  • 光輪2000
  • 好厲害喔DD!

  • 紐西蘭的教育在那些愛替孩子找補習名師的家長眼中,


    胖劉媽 於 2009/08/16 18:27 回覆