•  I like to eat broccolis and ice cream because those foods make me feel happy.

  •  I like to drink water and soda because it’s good.

  •  I like to watch Bionicle DVDs because it has lots of characters.  My favourite character is Mata Nui because he is wearing the golden mask of life.  He is a very powerful hero.

  •  I like dragons because they are powerful and they can fly.

  • I like cat, dog and birds to be my pets because I can take them for a walk.

  • My favourite music is “Black or White” by Michael Jackson.  The MV of this song is perfect and I like to watch it.

  • My favourite book is “Tin Tin” series because he had adventures in every place and he fought gorilla on the Black Island.  I like to read all the books.

  • My favourite place is the Warehouse because it has everything and I always get my Lego toys there.  Another place to go is Timeout.

  • I like to play Playstation2 games, watch Youtube and draw a lot of pictures. My favourite PS2 game is “Kingdom Hearts”.

  • I watch Spongebob Squarepants because Spongebob is funny.

  • I don’t like a lot of things such as lose a game, get hit by a ball, squeaky sound and I don’t like balloon pops.



後記:這一篇才是DD就讀Glendowie College的第ㄧ份英文作業,也就是自傳。DD目前不太能寫太長的句子或文章,所以老師同意讓他以逐句條列的方式完成這作業。這篇我們母子倆花了快一個小時才完成,對DD來說,已經不容易囉!他還花了不少時間挑圖片配合內容,可惜我不會弄,不然效果更棒。這篇作業老師還規定他要對全班同學發表,據DD的官方說法,他present得不錯喔!

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