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為了籌措學校經費,校方和家長教師聯合協會(PTA-Parents & Teachers Association)每年都費盡心思地辦一些籌款活動,如一年一度的學校野餐(School Picnic)、二手書籍和玩具義賣會(今年STT在六月六日舉行)、猜謎之夜(Quiz Night)、舞會(School Disco)等,A-THON是絕對會出現在學校行事曆上。PTA結算所有活動募集的款項,扣掉必要開支後交由校方運用。校方多半將經費用在改善教學設備上。譬如去年更新的低年級遊樂區(Junior Playground)就是全校師生一起努力募到五萬紐幣的成果。



今年DD學年(Year 7 & 8)Athon和書有關,以下就是謎題。

Syndicate One Athon Questions 2009



1.         Who illustrates Andy Griffith’s series of Just…books?

2.         What is the name of the dragon in The Hobbit?

3.         What is the first Charles Dickens novel that Matilda reads?

4.         Who illustrated the Astrix and Obelix comic books?

5.         Who does Artemis Fowl kidnap to get his hands on some fairy gold?

6.         Name the youngest Baudelaire child in the Bad Beginning?

7.         How much money does Molly Moon win in the talent quest?

8.         In Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, what was Mr. Grin’s job before he became Herod Sayle’s butler?

9.         What weakness does the dragon in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows suffer from?

10.     What is Eragon’s dragon called?

11.     What is the land beneath the Aurora made of in Northern Lights?

12.     Who was Edward Cullen “adopted” by?

13.     What is Lyra’s daemon called?

14.     What hair style does Sydney in the 10pm Question have?

15.     What is Jacqueline Wilson’s autobiography called?

16.     What secret agency does James Adams (formerly James Choke) belong to?

17.     In Call of the Wild what breed was Buck’s father?

18.     How many lines are there in limerick?

19.     Herman Melville wrote about a big, white whale called?

20.     Who wrote Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig?




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