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Title: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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This movie was happened on a small island.  A young inventor named Flint wanted to invent a machine to turn water into food. He did not make any food because he had no enough electricity. Sam, a woman went to the island to report the weather when Flint went to the power line to use the power for his machine. The machine went off and hit everything. It hit Sam too. The machine flew into the sky and disappeared.


Suddenly, a giant purple cloud was up in the sky and it rained cheeseburger. More and more food came from the sky and the mayor wanted more. The machine reached to the red code and had gone crazy. Giant food rained from the sky and people on the island had to run for their lives. Flint, Sam and other 3 people tried to stop the machine but it didn’t work. At last Flint used his spray-on shoe formula to block the machine and the machine exploded.


I like this movie because the idea about food come from the sky is good. This movie is very colourful and I like the pictures too. I watched this movie with 3D glasses and it looked so real. I wish I can eat the cheeseburger but no pickle please. I wonder, do they have sea salt ice cream?




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