2009年二月攝於Camp Carey - Henderson, Auckland

 Friday 20th February




The weather was bad when I woke up in the morning. We packed our bag because it was our last day in Camp Carey. We went to the dining hall to have some breakfast. We had cereal and toast for breakfast.




After breakfast, we went to the shooting but I didn’t like it because I didn’t know how to aim. My dad was in charge of the shooting. The gun was heavy. We went to morning tea when we finished the shooting. After morning tea, we did the final cleaning up. We had some free time, no one did the flying fox because it was raining outside. We had pie and muffin for lunch. I ate two pies. We took our luggage to the car then check the room. Miss Long thanked the staff and we were ready to go back to school. My dad took Ryan and Norman to school then we went home.  




後記:DD 三天兩夜的宿營日記已全部刊出,接下來就等劉老爺的續篇囉!

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