照片背景就是營區內有名的FLYING FOX,我可不敢玩呢!


 Thursday 19th February



I woke up at 7 o’clock this morning. We had cereals and toasts for breakfast. I like the breakfast very much.



Today our group did climbing wall first and I didn’t like it. I was afraid of climbing wall because it was too high. We had our morning tea after climbing wall.  Then our group did the kayaking. My dad helped me to get dressed for my togs. The coach showed us how to paddle the kayak. I fell into the water and the water was not deep so I got wet. I took a shower after the kayaking.




The lunch for today was Macaroni Cheese pasta and salad. It was tasty and yummy so I ate 2 plates. In the afternoon, we did the outdoor cooking. Our group made pancakes and we didn’t burn it. We did the Abseiling in the gym later. I didn’t do it because it was scary. We did the flying fox and I didn’t like it. I was afraid of flying fox too. I like outdoor cooking and kayaking because they are great.



Tonight’s dinner was roast beef, pea, potato, pumpkin and sauce but I didn’t like the pumpkin. The deserts were ice cream and peach but I didn’t like the peach. After dinner, we went to the gym to do the activities and we had supper then we went to bed.




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    什麼是 kayaking 和 Abseiling?
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